Off grid power for a wide range of applications, any where you need

Solar Power Systems

We are able to offer the most competitive prices and long lasting custom designed systems for solar power installations due to our unique resources and know-how in the industry. We maximize on local expertise and equipment while utilizing our direct relationship to the overseas manufacturers.

Solar Refrigeration

For remote cooling needs such as on fishing boats, remote village food compartments, island resort food storage and medicine storage, a solar powered DC fridge is the ultimate solution. As the sun shines stronger, the cooler the system runs, ensuring optimal temperature maintenance at all times.

Solar Pump Inverter

Existing water pumps can be powered by solar energy, with the highest performance coinciding with the most sunny,hot and dry days and the peak demand for pumped water. This is ideal for gravity feed water tanks in remote areas. We use high voltage inverters to convert solar power to run AC pumps in the most cost efficient way.

Off Grid Power

Off grid systems which use solar PV are ideal for remote areas that run only essential loads. Typical loads for small off grid solar PV systems include mobile phones, lighting, radios, refrigerators and other appliances under 1000 Watts. For larger loads such as multiple pumps and air conditioning, larger batteries are required.

Hybrid Solar Diesel

Solar PV is readily integrated with existing diesel generators through Hybrid Systems. This system is ideal for remote areas with high diesel operating costs which have to sacrifice business uptime according to available fuel. By providing power during the daytime, this means that diesel generators can be turned off during sunny days and that solar PV can contribute up to 50% of daily electricity requirements.

Our Services

Engineering Procurement Construction

Our area of expertise is the design, installation and maintenance of solar power systems, solar thermal technology and energy efficiency. With our small team we are able to move quickly and deploy in remote areas.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Consulting

With rising utility and fuel costs, awareness about smart electricity usage and production is important. Through energy auditing and monitoring, we can ensure the most suitable and efficient systems are implemented.

Short Courses and Workshops

Spreading the word and sharing our knowledge is the fastest way to start implementing clean power on a national scale. We offer complete theoretical and practical courses on solar power generation, covering energy basics, systems design and installation.

Rural Energy Solutions

Renewable power solutions encompass any independent on-site energy generation in its many forms. Currently the fastest and most practical way to support the electrification and development of rural areas is through the application of distributed renewable energy.

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